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For Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) to work effectively it needs to ignore passive employees. But while it is the promoters and detractors that generate the Employee Net Promote

Neurodiversity is on every communicators radar, with 15% – 20% of our total population being neurodivergent, this cannot be ignored. So what can we do as communication specia

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Constantly developed and evolved over the last 25 years, NewZapp delivers award winning internal communications for Public and Private organisations.

We love what we do but our passion isn’t just the software, it’s the way our software can transform experiences and engagement. Our dedicated UK based customer success team are driven by your success. If we deliver increased employee engagement through internal communications we know we’re achieving our goals.

An internal communications platform you can trust, our UK based servers and ISO 27001 certification provide you best in class data security and compliance. NewZapp enables you to use your time and resources more efficiently and effectively to focus on messaging and engagement.