The two-way communication platform that brings your people together

VRAMP by NewZapp transforms your existing internal communications into a two-way communication channel that reaches everyone with our employee engagement app.

Reach everybody

VRAMP is accessible by everybody no matter where or when they work so you can be confident that all your employees will receive the information they need and want.

You can include videos, images, links or documents and the drag ‘n’ drop functionality makes it super easy to build your message. 

VRAMP also provides the added perk that if you spot a mistake after sending the message, you can amend it in real-time!

employee engagement app
VRAMP testimonial

Engaging with our communications

"VRAMP by NewZapp is so intuitive to use that everyone was up and running within two weeks. In that time I noticed a massive difference. Employees were actually engaging with our communications, our new starters could find their feet and I could see who was getting involved for the first time. It’s made such a difference."

Becky Hall

Office Manager, Sapphire

Employee Surveys

VRAMP is an all-encompassing employee survey app that delivers employee survey tools and internal comms solutions.

Our employee survey app drives inclusivity and gives everyone a voice. Accessible without an email address or password, VRAMP provides highly secure employee survey tools that reach everyone.

No matter where, how or when your employees work, every single person will have the same opportunity to get involved.

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Improve employee engagement

Having a benchmark of your employee engagement levels is brilliant but your aim will be to improve employee engagement and to evidence this improvement.

From a single system you can run a survey to understand how to improve employee engagement whilst also sending messages and monitoring the effectiveness of each internal communication.

With the two working in tandem, you will know which groups of employees are most engaged and which aren’t, what your employees need to feel more engaged and which type of communications will be most effective.

employee engagement app

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

By asking just one question, your employee Net Promoter Score will give you an overarching view of how your employees feel about working at your organisation. our employee engagement app  can automatically send your eNPS survey at regular intervals for a consistent benchmark that can be used to inform future engagement strategies.

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Non-desk Employees

The old adage “out of sight, out of mind” rings true for many home-based workers but this can have a detrimental impact on wellbeing, loyalty, productivity and culture.

As our working world evolves, it’s vital that you consider home-worker employee engagement strategies to bring your people and goals together.

Accessible on a desktop or mobile device, VRAMP delivers personalised feeds that keep ALL your employees up to date.

Are you ready to take your employee engagement to a new level?

Take a look at our dedicated employee engagement app website to learn more about what VRAMP could help you achieve.

What makes us different

20 years of expertise

We know what we’re doing. Our employee engagement app delivers exceptional results without sacrificing usability. Our features are there to be used, not to leave you wanting more.

Software you can rely on

Our internal comms software is exceptionally secure. As well as all the statutory security credentials under our belt we have ISO 27001 – the highest international information security standard.

We work with you

We want you to get the very most out of your internal comms software. Your named Account Manager will always be by your side and you can utilise our resources and designers as needed.