We’re award winning!

award winning

We’re award winning!

We’ve won an award!

We’re excited to share our award win in the Technology & Innovation category! This esteemed award highlights NewZapp’s unwavering commitment to aiding NHS communicators. We’ve been instrumental in delivering crucial updates to staff, from the pandemic and beyond.

The judges praised our significant contribution as a standout communications company. Our innovative solution for the NHS has transformed their operations. Staff now benefit from seamless access to a perfect IT system. This award win truly celebrates our impact!

award winning software

Trevor Munday, CEO at NewZapp, expressed enthusiasm about the recognition received.

Over the course of 23 years, our unwavering commitment has been evident in our steadfast support for businesses in managing both internal and external email communications. The pandemic acted as a spotlight, underscoring the crucial role of internal communication, particularly within the NHS. This pivotal function has been recognized with numerous awards for its effectiveness during challenging times.

Our Award-Winning Approach to Communication Challenges

As IT security tightened, internal emails hit a roadblock. Swiftly, we found an anti-spoofing solution to restore smooth communication. Our commitment to top-notch customer service goes beyond winning awards; we aim to enhance our clients’ experiences.

Expertise in NHS-specific challenges isn’t our only strength. Adaptability enables us to address similar communication issues for others. This unwavering commitment to assisting others is a key factor in our award-winning success.

For more details on our NHS internal communications solution, check out the Trusted Delivery website. If you’re facing email communication issues, don’t hesitate to contact us. As award recipients, we’re experts at overcoming challenges!