We’re award winning!

award winning

We’re award winning!

We won a Technology & Innovation award! The award recognised how NewZapp has been helping NHS communicators share vital updates to their staff, both during the pandemic and beyond.

The judges comments were:

“A massive impact from a cracking comms company! NewZapp produced a game-changing specialist solution for the NHS which has had direct benefits for its staff, who now use a faultless IT system.” 

Trevor Munday, CEO at NewZapp said:

“We are so thrilled to have our work recognised. We’ve been supporting businesses with their internal and external email communications for 23 years. The pandemic really shone a light on the importance of internal comms and there is no place this was more vital than in the NHS.

A change in IT policy to tighten their security meant internal emails were no longer reaching their staff. We listened to the problems and quickly found an anti-spoofing solution that would make effective communication possible again.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and always look to improve the working lives of the communicators we work with. While this was a unique problem to the NHS, our experience, skills and agility mean we could do exactly the same for anyone else that encounters communication challenges.

I genuinely believe this desire to help people is what has made our business a success.”

For more information about our NHS internal communications solution please visit the Trusted Delivery website

Alternatively, if you have an email communication problem you haven’t been able to resolve, get in touch. We love a challenge!