Email Deliverability

Most companies don’t think about deliverability until they have a problem and yet it’s one of the most important factors in email communications.

If your emails don’t reach your contacts then all the time and effort spent on content, design and strategy could be wasted. Our goal is to improve your delivery and open rates through the strictest firewalls, IT governance and spam policies.

NHS Manchester Trust Use NewZapp

Directly into our staff inboxes

“With NewZapp we have no deliverability concerns like we had with other service providers about not getting important messages directly into our staff inboxes."

Comms Team
Greater Manchester Mental health NHS Foundation Trust

DKIM management to boost email deliverability

A very important part of email deliverability is the correct authentication. DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is an extra authentication layer that will help your servers deliver emails to your employees.

This means avoiding email filters by giving NewZapp permission to send emails on behalf of your domain, via your own “from” address.

Because sending on your main domain might not be the best option for you, NewZapp can also arrange the purchase and management of a new dedicated domain for your emails.

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Dedicated IP address

Dedicated IP address

Your IT security department may impose tighter restrictions with regards to the source of the email campaigns you are sending.

This is where your own dedicated IP address comes into play. 

We will assign you exclusive use of one of our globally whitelisted IP addresses for your email campaigns. Giving you the power to safely deliver email directly into the inbox with images switched by default.

Email Journey

Clicking send does not result in a “no stops” journey to the inbox for your email campaign. There are multiple checkpoints that need to be passed in order for it to arrive safely at its destination.

NewZapp specialises in high delivery rates, navigating your email through the strictest of I.T security policies.

Email Journey
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Beating the Spam filter

Have you had that heart sinking moment when you’ve spent time crafting an attractive, engaging email to then discover it has fallen straight into the spam folder for many recipients?

The NewZapp technical team constantly monitor over 100 spam filtering organisations for evidence of any IP blacklisting. They also work with ISP feedback loops like Hotmail to identify when customers’ emails are been marked as junk.

All you need to know about spam filters

As email communicators, spam filters and email bots are our arch nemesis. They skew our data and generally just get in our way!

Modern bots and spam filters are very powerful. In this webinar we will explain exactly how the bots and spam filters of 2022 work. We will also provide guidance on how you can avoid the dreaded spam folder.

Data Security

We take the security of your data very seriously. So much so that in additional to the industry standard accreditations, we have ISO 27001 – the highest international information security standard. It takes a lot of work to achieve, and maintain, this certification but it is worth it for the peace of mind it gives our customers. We also use UK-based servers, so you know you are always GDPR compliant.