Anti Spam Policy

NewZapp provides a service, which allows users to send emails to multiple recipients. NewZapp fully supports the use of email as a communication channel but does not provide its services for the purpose of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or SPAM.

Unsolicited email / spam policy and compliance

NewZapp provides a service, which allows users to send emails to multiple recipients. NewZapp fully supports the use of email as a communication channel but does not provide its services for the purpose of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or SPAM. All of our customers must understand and abide by the principals of email protocol and follow a strict “opt-in” policy.

We take any reports of users who use our services for the purpose of SPAM extremely seriously.

All emails sent using our services, which are sent on behalf of our customers, must be either  “opt-in” communications (external email) or staff / membership communications (internal email).

“Opt-In” means that all recipients must at one time have supplied their email address to receive email communications and/or have a pre-existing relationship with our customer.

Opt-in subscription methods must be used at all times, such as online subscription forms or printed “opt-in” indicators.

Opt-out requests must be honoured without exception.

Customers who upload email lists to their NewZapp account must agree to these terms and may be required to show proof of the opt-in nature of their list under the terms of the DPA (Data Protection Act) and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

NewZapp will provide the technical tools necessary to help enforce the “opt-in” nature of the newsletters. These tools include:

Online Subscription box – Customers can add a subscription box to their website to allow users to subscribe to their newsletter.

Automatic Unsubscribe Link – Every external email sent will provide recipients with an easy to find and follow method to unsubscribe from the email list. This will allow the recipient to instantly remove their email address from the customer’s database by submitting their email address. This will prevent any further correspondence from the customer.

NewZapp actively encourages the use of customers own permission-based email list via website signups, registrations, meetings & purchases etc, it is the most effective way to use email communications. 

We do allow approved purchased lists to be used in the system. They must come from a reputable provider who employs the highest standard of opt-in management. Contact your account manager for more details.


Occasionally a customer may use a purchased or rented list from a data broker. If you’ve received an email from one of our customers and do not recall opting in directly, it’s highly likely your details have been sold to them by a 3rd Party list broker.

If you believe your details are on a marketing list without permission please contact the customer directly. They are required to inform you where they got your information from.

If you are receiving emails from a variety of our customers please contact us and we’ll remove your details from all our active accounts. This will help restrict any further correspondence from customers using poorly sourced 3rd party lists.

NewZapp takes its responsibility extremely seriously. Sometimes a recipient will receive an email and assume it to be SPAM.

We ask recipients to first be sure that they have not subscribed to the newsletter and/or they do not have an existing relationship with the sender.

If they are sure that the email is unsolicited then they should file an spam report, an email should be sent to

Our Customers must not use the Service to send any unsolicited and unwanted e-mail communications.

We reserve the right to issue a warning, should the Customer be found spamming or using the Service for any abusive or illegal practices.

Appropriate actions, such as terminating the Customer’s account without notice or a refund, charging a £500 clean-up fee per blacklisted IP address or domain as a result of a breach of this policy and/or reporting the Customer and the incident to their ISP and proper authorities shall be taken should the Customer appear to perform or be performing such practices, despite the explicit warning.

Without limiting the foregoing, the Customer shall be liable for any loss incurred or damage suffered by any third party should such loss result from non-compliance with the Policy. In such a case, NewZapp shall seek compensation from the Customer.

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