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Employee Engagement Surveys

Engage, measure, and analyse with NewZapp’s comprehensive survey tools, built into the platform at no extra charge. Administer employee engagement surveys to enhance company culture. Target specific audience segments with tailored questionnaires and surveys, driving success with two-way communication. Use NewZapp surveys to measure, benchmark, and improve the employee experience.

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Seamless Integration with Essential Communications Tools

Our survey tool is intricately connected with your existing communications ecosystem. Integrated with your  mass email platform and landing pages as well as Teams, Viva and Sharepoint. You can effortlessly send targeted questions to the right employee or stakeholder group. NewZapps unique QR code campaigner makes your content accessible by everybody no matter where or when they work. You can be confident that even your hardest to reach employees will have a voice, will have access to your surveys and receive the information they need and want. Our Inherent integration allows you to transform survey responses into actionable data, facilitating a seamless transition from feedback to strategy

Transform Survey Responses Into Actionable Data

Surveys are linked directly to your audience, allowing you to choose which contacts receive them and apply tags based on their responses. Collect comprehensive data on leadership, enablement, alignment, development, satisfaction, and more. Use these insights to create detailed audience segments and launch follow-up campaigns tailored to specific needs and preferences. This functionality ensures that every piece of engagement and feedback is utilised to enhance your internal communications strategies.

Employee Surveys

Quick and Easy Employee Engagement Survey Creation

Create comprehensive surveys in less than five minutes with our user-friendly interface. Moreover, the tool offers free and unlimited survey responses, enabling you to generate valuable insights swiftly. As a result, this efficiency allows you to focus on analysing data and implementing strategies rather than getting bogged down by the survey creation process.

Control And Simplify Participation With Conditional Logic

Surveys are a fantastic way to gather valuable feedback, but there’s nothing more off-putting for respondents than being bombarded with irrelevant questions. That’s where conditional logic comes in. Conditional logic, also known as skip logic and display logic, allows you to create smart surveys that dynamically change based on the respondent’s answers. This means they only see questions that are relevant to them, making the survey experience much more pleasant and the data collected much more accurate.


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More effective Campaigns

"There are so many options that we can control. It means we can really own and personalise our campaigns now.”

Jenni Beckett
Internal Communications Manager, Network Rail

Unveiling The Ultimate Employee Engagement Tool For Your Organisation

In today’s ever-evolving corporate landscape, gathering employee feedback is crucial for making informed decisions and driving success. With unlimited Employee Engagement survey responses, you can continuously gather insights without any restrictions, enabling smarter internal communications strategies and decision making —all without needing technical skills.

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Understand and retain employees

Collect meaningful feedback to understand the sentiment in any part of your organisation with company-wide, leadership-only, or team-specific surveys. Measure and improve the engagement drivers that matter most to build a great company culture.

Uncover what drives your top-performers

Use NewZapps powerful Employee Engagement survey analytics to understand the engagement drivers that impact performance levels and employee churn so you can develop and retain your best team members. You can also segment responses by tenure, team, or manager to help spot important correlations.

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Close the feedback loop

Strike up an anonymous conversation with survey respondents on their specific answers. Your employees’ privacy is respected while you gain a detailed understanding of their needs, allowing you to turn insights into action. 

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20 years of expertise

We know what we’re doing. Our employee engagement app delivers exceptional results without sacrificing usability. Our features are there to be used, not to leave you wanting more.

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Our internal comms software is exceptionally secure. As well as all the statutory security credentials under our belt we have ISO 27001 – the highest international information security standard.

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We want you to get the very most out of your internal comms software. Your named Account Manager will always be by your side and you can utilise our resources and designers as needed.