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NewZapp is a trusted email communication platform that will deliver all of your internal emails to your employees every single time. No spoofing issues. No junk folders. No warnings of external emails.

NHS Trusts and Partners up and down the country rely on us to deliver attractive, trackable emails to their NHS staff. Visit our dedicated website to see the difference NewZapp Trusted Delivery could make to you.

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NHS internal communication

Deliver from email addresses with no spoofing issues

NewZapp Trusted Delivery was created in response to the stringent measures put in place by NHS Digital which prevent emails being delivered from spoofed addresses.

As the largest employer in the UK, the NHS has a lot of people to communicate with. But this has to be done on a tight budget and with limited resource. We understand these challenges.

We work closely with our NHS clients to ensure our internal communication software makes them as efficient as possible. That translates into:

Award winning platform

The award recognised how NewZapp has been helping NHS communicators share vital updates to their staff, both during the pandemic and beyond.

The judges comments were:

“A massive impact from a cracking comms company! NewZapp produced a game-changing specialist solution for the NHS which has had direct benefits for its staff, who now use a faultless IT system.”

No spoofing issues

Guaranteed delivery of all emails

Detailed email analytics

Full compliance with the NHS Digital IT policy

Easy to use email editor

Experienced account management

“With NewZapp we have no deliverability concerns like we had with other service providers about not getting important messages directly into our staff inboxes. The reporting tools in the system tell us what actions our colleagues are taking and support our communications team with getting the right messages to the right people at the right time.”

Greater Manchester Mental health NHS Foundation Trust

Our journey with the NHS

We’ve been working with the NHS for the last decade but in 2020 our journey took a tangent. In response to the Wannacry cyber-attack, NHS Digital introduced new measures to reduce the chance of such cyber attacks impacting the NHS in future.

The measures blocked emails from spoofed addresses.

All third-party email providers such as GovDelivery and Mailchimp use spoofed email addresses so any NHS organisation using a supplier such as this for their internal communications was now faced with the issue of some, if not all, of their emails being blocked.

Trusted Delivery
detailed email analytics

Detailed email analytics

At a time when internal communications had never been more essential, we worked with a number of NHS organisations to understand the challenge and to identify a solution. Within a month we had an answer to the problem.

NewZapp Trusted Delivery was born. Our NHS internal comms platform meets the stringent NHS Digital IT policies and guarantees delivery of all messages.

Today, NewZapp Trusted Delivery is used by NHS Trusts and Partners up and down the UK. They use our internal communication platform to create eye catching emails, to segment their workforces effectively and to measure the effectiveness of each communication. And they do so safe in the knowledge that all their emails will get through.

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