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Keep up-to-date with the latest feature releases, important updates and bug fixes to reported issues.

Latest Updates

16th November | Bug Fix: Contacts & Account Settings

Removes the deprecated ‘Goodbye email’ toggle switch from Settings.

7th November | Bug Fix: Account Settings & Profile

Fixes an issue where Company Name and Account Name where restricted to 50 letters.

Upcoming Releases

NewZapp Communications

Winter 2023 | New Feature: Create & Send - QR Code Campaigner

Generate QR Codes and linked them to Landing Pages and Email Campaigns. Keep your non-desk-based workforce up-to-date and track their interactions. Read More…

Previous Releases


3rd November

Bug Fix: Create & Send

Fixes an issue when sending emails without links to  ''  in the unsubscribe footer.

2nd November

Bug Fix: Reports

Prevents the NewZapp links in the email unsubscribe footer being included and tracked as part of a campaign's data.

27th October

Update: Create & Send - New Social Media Icons

The Social block in the Editor has been given a refresh with new icons, including the update from 'Twitter' to 'X'.

13th October

Bug Fix: Contacts

Fixes an issue with filtering of Groups and Segments when using special characters.

14th September

Release of our new RESTful API to allow connection with any platform that supports API integration. Click here for the full API v3 Documentation.

31st August June | Bug Fix: Mail Delivery System

Fixes to improve performance bottlenecks in the email sending system.


21st August | New Feature: Contacts - Custom Data added to table listing

New Custom Data columns have been added to the Contacts table and can be toggled on or off in the Columns dialog as well as being pinned and saved in a View.


11th August | Bug Fix: Create & Send

Fixes an issue with Live Activity that could cause emails to be locked to all Users.


10th August | Bug Fix: Contacts

Fixes an issue with Group loading speed directly after having a Segment open.


9th August | New Feature: Create & Send - Extended Personalisation

Custom fields are now available in the Merge tool for use in email personalisation.


7th August | New Feature: User Profile - Editable User Name and Profile Image

You can now set up a User Name and Profile image to use as an Avatar across accounts.

20th July | New Feature: Automations - Welcome Series Builder
Create one or more Automated Email Campaigns with adjustable sending delays and up to 4 Trigger events.
11th July | New Feature: Create & Send - Live Activity
No more losing your saved changes. In multi-user accounts you can now see who is editing an email campaign and multiple Users are prevented from editing the same email at the same time.

29th June | Update: API Integration
Update to the Contacts endpoint so that just a single HTPP POST can add a Contact and all of their data.
27th June | Bug Fix: Reports
Fixes an issue with exporting Clicks data from the Links tab.
19th June | New Feature: Account - Safe Senders List
Improves data compliance and email deliverability by allowing you to set a list of approved 'From' email addresses for campaigns.
1st June | Bug Fix: Contacts
Fixes a slow-loading issue with Ungrouped Contacts.

5th May | Bug Fix: Contacts

Fixes an issue with uploading Contacts that have apostrophes as part of their email address.

28th April | Bug Fix: Contacts

Fixes an issue with uploading Postal Address details for Contacts.


21st April | Bug Fix: Reports

Fixes an issue where the UI locked when deleting a large Scheduled Campaign.