Communication software for the Manufacturing Sector

We get it. You have a lot of cogs and they all have to turn at the right speed at the right time. It’s a military operation that often means you don’t have much time for internal communications. Thankfully, with NewZapp, you don’t need much time!

NewZapp is extremely intuitive and gives you everything you need to communicate quickly and effectively.

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Impressed us the most

“From all the solutions we looked at, it was the people at NewZapp that impressed us the most. They instantly demonstrated a lot of knowledge and were able to share this with us in a really digestible way. The system was super easy to use and ticked all our boxes.”

Andrea Marston

Marketing and Communications, AGC Glass

The features our Manufacturing customers love

Internal communication tools for the manufacturing sector

One place for all communications

No matter who you need to communicate with, you can do it all within NewZapp.

You can neatly categorise your campaigns so that each campaign is easy to keep tabs of.

You can also utilise pre-crafted templates and modules when creating a new email which makes it extremely quick to pull a new communication together. 

Automated communications

If you have communications that always go out at a certain time or after a specific action, NewZapp can send these for you automatically.

This could be a birthday message, a welcome email, or a follow up email which is automatically sent once your employee clicks an email link.

You set the trigger and accompanying email and NewZapp will do everything else for you.

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Informed decision making

Informed decision making

NewZapp shows you engagement data for every email campaign you send.

You can see how many people have opened the email, how many have clicked, what time people are opening the email, which parts of the email are most popular, the device they are using, and whether they’ve shared your email.

With this insight you can make informed decisions that drive improvements.

Manufacturing Sector uses NewZapp
“I genuinely can’t think of a time that NewZapp hasn’t met our needs – both from a product and service point of view.”

Andrea Marston

Marketing and Communications, AGC Glass

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Our software is easy to use and our procurement process is even easier. You can calculate an approximate cost yourself, trial NewZapp for free and, when you are ready to purchase, do so through G-Cloud for a fast process.

Why our customers stay customers

Our customers are loyal. 75% have been with us for over 5 years. There’s a reason for this. In fact, there’s lots of reasons!