AGC Glass Case Study

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AGC Glass Case Study

Manufacturing Sector uses NewZapp

About AGC Glass

AGC Glass Europe is one of the largest glass manufacturers in the world, supplying the construction and automotive industries.

AGC Glass UK use NewZapp to keep their UK customers, prospects and employees up to date.

The Challenge

Prior to NewZapp, AGC Glass UK were reliant on Outlook to send communications. With no dedicated process, their communications were sporadic, and they had no oversight of how effective those communications were.

Andrea Marston who is responsible for all Marketing and Communications across UK & Ireland also explains how brand reputation was a big driver for seeking a new solution:

“AGC Glass Europe employs over 15,000 people and has a presence in 30 countries. Our customer relationships and brand identity are hugely important. Sending emails in Outlook didn’t give us an opportunity to reach our key stakeholders and represent our brand effectively.”

Andrea Marston – Marketing & Communications


The Solution

Andrea started to explore email marketing systems that would better support their communication needs. This was her checklist of requirements:

“We knew what we were looking for, it was just a case of finding it! We needed a solution that would maintain brand consistency, provide data on the performance of our comms and, above all, be straightforward to use. None of us had previous experience using an email communication platform so the intuitiveness and ongoing support was key for us.”

 “From all the solutions we looked at, it was the people at NewZapp that impressed us the most. They instantly demonstrated a lot of knowledge and were able to share this with us in a really digestible way. The system was super easy to use and ticked all our boxes.”
Andrea Marston, Marketing & Communications
With the procurement decision made, we set up email templates for AGC Glass. These adhered to their brand guidelines and made it really easy for them to kick start their new way of communicating.

The Results

 Andrea takes us through the journey of when she first started using NewZapp, to now.

“To get us up and running quickly we had a dedicated one-to-one training session. The session was excellent. Rather than just talking us through the system, it was a practical session in which we worked through everything we would need. Our trainer also shared tips and best practice, so I came out of the training session not only feeling confident in using the system, but also more knowledgeable about email communications in general.”

“With the branded templates all set up, all I had to do was drag and drop the relevant blocks into the template. It was not only easy, but it also made the process of communications far quicker too.”

“Now we send email communications that always represent AGC Glass very professionally. We have data that shows how people are interacting with our emails and all our contacts are easy to manage in one place.

“But above all, I know we are in safe hands. I know that all the GDPR and security boxes are ticked and if I ever have a question, my account manager quickly provides the answer. She proactively checks in on us, providing useful coaching tips to ensure we are getting the most out of NewZapp.  

“I genuinely can’t think of a time that NewZapp hasn’t met our needs – both from a product and service point of view.”

Andrea Marston, Marketing & Communications