NewZapp or Outlook

Almost every NewZapp demo starts with the phrase “We currently use Outlook to send our internal communications but…” .

So why not just use Microsoft Outlook for your campaigns? It is free after all.

What are the “buts” you are missing out on?

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Internal comms email via Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has been the go to email solution for decades and technically free from a cost point of view. (Subject to individual Microsoft licences and other organisational requirements!) So why would you pay for another email provider?

There are three key things you are missing out on.


Branded mobile responsive emails that stand out in a crowded inbox.


Vital KPI metrics for you to use in management meetings.


The difference between send time and actual delivery can be hours.

So why make the switch to NewZapp Communications?

Your dedicated Account Manager


Creating an internal communications email in Outlook with its limited design tools and no mobile responsive capabilities is a challenge.

NewZapp has a drag & drop email editor that will have you creating amazing email campaigns in minutes.

Our easy to use editor requires no HTML knowledge and every email newsletter will be mobile responsive.



We offer every element of statistical analysis you will need. From open and click rates, to which device the email is opened on.

Our Peak Engagement Heatmap show what time you campaigns had the most engagement and a hotspot overview shows where the most clicks where achieved on the email.

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How long does it take for your urgent email communications to reach all your staff?

It’s 9am and there is a problem. You need to send an email campaign to the 10,000 employees you are responsible for A.S.A.P. 

Outlook is often limited to 30 emails a minute for sending, your campaign could take well over 5 hours to deliver.

In a nutshell – if your surname begins with a “V” no vital email for you until well after lunchtime!

NewZapp Communications

What our clients have to say

NewZapp or Outlook?

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust were using Outlook to deliver their campaigns to 4,000 employees. They switched to Trusted Delivery in July 2021.

They send over 100,000 internal emails every month. Every one of these emails is guaranteed to reach the required destination and they do so far quicker than Outlook was able to achieve.

But it is the increased visibility that makes the biggest difference. Salisbury can now see the performance of every single email. Since using NewZapp Trusted Delivery they have used the analytics to inform their strategy which has increased their open rates to 60%.

Network Rail need to communicate important, and often time critical, information to their network of employees and stakeholders. Due to the nature of some of the communications, the delivery of these messages was vital so the ability to track emails was a necessity.

A company who needed a communication solution that would better meet their needs. AGC Glass Europe is one of the largest glass manufacturers in the world, supplying the construction and automotive industries. AGC Glass UK use NewZapp to keep their UK customers, prospects and employees up to date.

About Worcestershire Children First Worcestershire Children First is the company responsible for the delivery of services to children and young people across Worcestershire. These services include social care, education, early help and fostering. The team using NewZapp are responsible for […]