Network Rail

Network Rail employ over 42,000 people and manage the infrastructure of our country’s railway network.

The challenge

Network Rail need to communicate important, and often time critical, information to their network of employees and stakeholders. Due to the nature of some of the communications, the delivery of these messages was vital so the ability to track emails was a necessity.

NewZapp Communications

A greater level of understanding

The NewZapp system is providing us with a greater level of understanding on what staff are reading. This is helping us to create more engaging and valuable content on subjects they want to hear about.

Andrew Manning
Communications Manager

The solution

Network Rail chose NewZapp Communications because the software met all of their needs and they appreciate the high level of customer service we provide. With NewZapp they are able to:

  • Generate messages with ease.
  • Stay compliant with all the latest Data Protection Act legislation.
  • Have confidence that their messages are being delivered.
  • Monitor readership and track the level of engagement.
  • Improve the awareness of ongoing projects and strategies.

Network Rail utilised our additional design service to create branded newsletter and email bulletin templates that capture the attention of their employees. By using these branded templates they can ensure all of their messages follow the Network Rail brand guidelines.

34 Accounts

As an organisation, Network Rail is broken up into regions. With 34 active accounts.

170 Users

We support over 170 Network Rail users across all of the regions we deliver email for.

8 Million

Emails safely sent every year. Enjoying high delivery rates and employee engagement.

10 Years

NewZapp has been the proud email delivery provider for Network Rail for over 10 years.

The Results

Network Rail employees are able to be sent messages from any of the routes, departments and the overall management functions of the organisation. They regularly schedule emails to both all employees and targeted employee segments, resulting in increased engagement and an improvement in the information given to employees.

NewZapp Communications

Easy-to-use Software

"The combination of easy-to-use software that enables me to reach my geographically diverse audience and an efficient and friendly service, is very much appreciated here at Network Rail."

Gail Everton
Senior Communications Manager

Customer Success Stories

Join NewZapp and become one of our happy customers. We will transform your internal comms and employee engagement, see what NewZapp has helped these customers achieve.

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