Worcestershire Children First use NewZapp


Worcestershire Children First use NewZapp

About Worcestershire Children First

NewZapp Case Study

Worcestershire Children First is the company responsible for the delivery of services to children and young people across Worcestershire. These services include social care, education, early help and fostering.

The team using NewZapp are responsible for promoting and delivering training and conferences predominately in the education sector and they have been using NewZapp since 2020.

The challenge

While a not-for-profit company, Worcestershire Children First (WCF) training and conference team needs to compete with commercial organisations that have much larger budgets and resources.

This is a unique challenge and one that is further complicated by the teams differing needs.

The team of three hold responsibility for training, conferences, and marketing – each of these three areas have different email communication requirements and all have varied job roles in which email communications are just a small part.

The WCF team therefore needed a very intuitive system that could adapt to their individual requirements whilst delivering professional looking communications that would resonate with their target audience.

The solution for WCF

Rachael Oakley is the Training Coordinator at WCF. She explains more about how NewZapp helps them, and the impact recent software upgrades have made.

“NewZapp has been invaluable in helping us segment our contacts into relevant groups and send communications that relate specifically to them. Once sent, we use the reporting to learn more about our audiences and to see how we can engage them better. Without these features I don’t think we would be able to compete effectively in the training sector.

“When NewZapp released a new editor, it got us all very excited! While the previous editor did the job adequately, this one was an absolute game changer! Everything flows beautifully and is so intuitive to use – which was particularly appealing given we all dip in and out of the system.

“To help us get up to speed quickly we booked some training with NewZapp – not only to learn about the new editor, but to also expand our email marketing knowledge. We haven’t looked back since!”

Worcestershire Children First | The results

A few months into using the new editor, the three team members have been busy reaping the rewards.

First, we asked the team about the training they received.

Jennie Cox, the Marketing Officer said:

“The training was brilliant. I learnt about features I might not have otherwise known about and Darren, our trainer, discussed how other similar organisations do things, which really inspired us.”

Charlie Wood, the Conference Executive took this one step further saying:

“It is the best system training day I’ve ever had. It was lighthearted but informative. There was no sales pitch, just valuable information delivered in a way that made it really easy to remember.”

Rachael, the Training Coordinator agrees:

“Darren understood our organisation perfectly but what made the training really successful was that it was led by us. If there was something that really ignited our interest, he welcomed these tangents. Most other trainers I’ve worked with prefer to stick to a set plan and take questions at the end, by which time the spark of curiosity has faded away.”

Next, we asked Rachael, Jennie, and Charlie what one thing has made the greatest difference to them.

Rachael’s answer was a simple one – “time”. She went on to say:

“I can work three times faster now. It’s just so easy to do everything, from inserting images to adjusting the layout. The fluidity of the system makes creating emails a doddle and I actually enjoy the process now!”

Jennie enjoys the perfect balance between brand identify and individuality:

“We have corporate templates which brings brand consistency, but we can each create our own unique touch to define each of our business functions. NewZapp perfects this balance brilliantly.”

Charlie draws on the efficiency point that Rachael highlighted but explains the significance of it:

“Because it is so easy to bring our emails together now, we have the capacity to try new things. We use the analytics to see what is and isn’t working and then test new ideas out. It’s making us more innovative and means we can better respond to what our audiences want.”