Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) for NewZapp (the “Services”) sets forth the support service levels for each applicable Product Package. This SLA may be updated from time to time. Material changes will be communicated to existing customers with a 30-day notice period.

Service Level Agreement

Effective: July 22, 2023

    NewZapp Service Level Agreement

    1. NewZapp Service Level Agreement

    Product Package NewZapp Unlimited NewZapp Enterprise NewZapp Trusted Delivery
    Email & Support Portal Communication‍
    Severity 1 issue Support Hours (email via‍
    Help Desk Support hours for all issues other than Severity 1‍
    9AM – 5PM Monday - Friday
    9AM – 5PM Monday - Friday
    9AM – 5PM Monday - Friday
    Production Data Backup Retention‍
    30 Days
    30 Days
    30 Days
    Issue Classification‍
    Target Monthly Availability‍


    2. Definitions

        • Excused Downtime: Total number of minutes in the applicable month that the Services are unavailable due to downtime authorised by the customer.
        • Scheduled Downtime: Total number of minutes in any given month when Services are unavailable due to scheduled maintenance and repair by NewZapp.
        • Impact: Extent of deviation from the normal service level, in terms of the number of Users or business processes affected.
        • Issue: Customer communication to us via (i) a support ticket; (ii) an email addressed to; or (iii) a telephone call to NewZapp Help Desk, of an unscheduled or unanticipated incident adversely affecting Service delivery.
        • Required Monthly Availability: Total minutes in the applicable month, minus Excused Downtime and Scheduled Downtime.
        • Response: NewZapp’s action in response to notification from the customer regarding an Issue.
        • Product Package: The specific Service selected.

    Help Desk Support

    3. Help Desk Support

    We will provide the maintenance and support services set forth below as part of the selected Subscription Tier of Service.

        • Our support help desk (“Help Desk”) is available 9am– 5pm Monday to Friday.
        • Our help desk is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for Severity Level 1 Issues (as defined in this Service Level Agreement).
        • Support for Severity 1 issues during Public Holidays or off-hours, between 5pm and 9AM, and weekends, requires an email to this will trigger an alert to an on-call support team member. Issues not classified as Severity 1 by the responding team member will not be responded to until normal hours.
        • You can submit an Issue by raising a Support Ticket via, calling our Help Desk on +44 1392 447200, or emailing our Help Desk at
        • Issues communicated to any other NewZapp person or entity, or from someone who is not a registered user of a current NewZapp account will be considered Severity 4 issues.
        • By submitting an Issue, customers authorise the NewZapp support team to access necessary data for issue troubleshooting.
        • Communication directly with an account manager, project manager, technical contact, or management contact is not covered by Issue Response and Resolution Times

    Our Support Response and Resolution Commitment

    4.1. Issues Classification

    Support requests and issues are classified by us on receipt as follows:

    Severity 1
    Critical issues preventing most or all product or service usage, with data corruption or loss or high risk of corruption or loss.

    Severity 2
    Critical business processes affected, limited capabilities, or intermittent interruptions (for example: Editing, Reporting, Sending, Delivery) for a substantial number of users, or Services are usable with limited capabilities and/or intermittent interruptions which have serious business impact.

    Severity 3
    Primary product functionality is severely impacted and unusable. Customers are unable to utilize a common feature to its fullest ability. Data may not be displayed as expected but is not lost. There is no commercially reasonable workaround for customers.

    Severity 4
    Some customers (not all) are receiving intermittent errors on product pages or cannot use the product in possibly obscure ways. The product may be loading slowly or partially (missing images), and there is a workaround that customers can use.


    4.2. Issue Response and Resolution Times

    We commit to the following response and resolution times:

    Issue Severity Response Time Resolution Time
    Severity 1
    Fewer than 30 minutes
    Fewer than 8 hours
    Severity 2
    Fewer than 4 hours
    1 business day
    Severity 3
    Fewer than 8 hours
    4 business days
    Severity 4
    Fewer than 48 hours
    N/A (resolution not guaranteed)

    Recovery Point Objective

    5. Recovery Point Objective

    In the event of a significant service incident, the maximum Recovery Point Objective is 24 hours. Customer data is backed up at the same time each day and backups retained for 30 days.

    Services Availability

    6.1. Availability Percentage

    We will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the Services are available (i.e., accessible and usable) at the Required Monthly Availability. If we fail to meet the Required Monthly Availability, we will issue a service credit equal to the applicable credit % for each Product Package as outlined in the table below, multiplied by the prorated monthly subscription cost related to the impacted service. The credit can be applied to the next NewZapp Licence invoice or to a NewZapp Professional Services invoice.

    Availability Service Percentage Credit
    99.00% to 100.00%
    98.00% to 98.99%
    95.00% to 97.99%
    90.00% to 94.99%
    Less than 90.00%