2022 A year in review

NewZapp Internal Communications

2022 A year in review

The results are in!

What an incredible year here at NewZapp Internal  Communications. We won a communications award for the work we do within the NHS. We’ve delivered 3 major upgrades to the platform. New customers enjoying high delivery rates and current customers are loving the service and support they receive.  Every quarter we ask all NewZapp Users out of 10, how likely they are to recommend us to a friend or colleague. These scores are collated to form our NPS (Net Promotor Score) for the quarter and gives us a fantastic insight into how we are performing as a supplier of email communications. 


Scored 0 – 6


Scored 7 – 8


Scored 9 – 10

So what does this mean?

We take all of these scores to produce an overall figure using the NPS metric, more details on how this works can be seen here.

The NPS score ranges from -100 (must try harder!) to +100 (you rock NewZapp!!).

Jan – Mar

A solid start to the year but room for improvement. We focused on listening to what our current users needed from us to help them improve their internal communications.

q1 nps score

Apr – Jun

This quarter saw the introduction of NewZapp 8 and our brand new email editor. This was a huge achievement with in-depth retraining of our entire customer base with feedback for our developers.

q2 nps score

Jul – Sept

NewZapp 8 went fully live and new features like email email proofing, topics and Power BI. Our software backed with regular account reviews and helpful webinars saw NewZapp smash into new territory in customer satisfaction. 

q3 nps score

Oct – Dec

NewZapp Internal  Communications closed the year off in style.  What else did we accomplish in 2022:

darren hepburn

Darren Hepburn

Operations Director

Bon Jovi loving gym junkie and F1 fan. I spend most of my time thinking about the impact technology is having on our society and the world of internal communications.