NewZapp 9.0

NewZapp 9.0

NewZapp 9.0 brings so many new features and improvements that you can take advantage of to enhance the way you communicate with customers/employees. 

What you need to do

Due to the security upgrade to your login, you will be required to take action on your first login on or after 17th March 2023.  The login screen will look like this, follow the below instructions to gain access to your account: 

Login using Office 365.

  • Click on “Continue with Microsoft Account”.
  • Enter your Office 365 email address and password.
  • Job Done! You can now access NewZapp securely via your Office 365 credentials.
  • Bonus Feature – you won’t have to log in again unless you sign out!

Don’t have Office 365 account.

  • Click “Forgot password”
  • Enter your email address (this must be your registered NewZapp user email address).
  • Follow the reset password steps on the email you receive.
  • Once reset, go back to the login screen and log in using your email address and new password.

 Contact us at 01392 447200 or if you have any questions or queries about the above.

What to expect?

  • Login using Office 365, adding an extra layer of security whilst removing one more password to remember!
  • A brand new contacts interface
  • We have improved the way you organise contacts
  • Faster import speeds
  • Improved sending wizard with visual steps
  • Account switching – Freely switch between accounts under the same login
  • Profile menu – New sidebar offering access to account details, settings, account switching, and sign out
  • Internal notifications, e.g. Import completion notifications
  • Announcements – View the latest information or changes to NewZapp
  • Home dashboard changes – access to video walkthroughs and tutorials on how to use the software

Key takeaways

Secure Login and account switching

NewZapp 9.0 adds a new way to login to NewZapp using your Microsoft login, adding an extra layer of security whilst removing an additional password you would otherwise need to remember. 

Additionally, NewZapp 9.0 allows multi-account users to freely switch between any one of their accounts at the click of a button! Simply click the profile icon in the top right and switch to the desired account. It’s that easy!

New contacts interface

One of the more obvious changes is within the contacts section where you will see a completely different user interface (UI). Here we aimed to improve the user journey and remove any unnecessary steps. When entering Contacts you will be greeted by your contacts table where you are free to make any changes or import new contacts using the much faster import system within NewZapp 9.0.

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Improved contact organisation

No more complicated folder structures, NewZapp 9.0 introduces our new tagging system within the contact manager that allows you to freely structure your contacts in a way that makes sense to you while keeping all groups visible.

Looking for a group has never been so easy! By incorporating tagging into the searching, sorting and filtering features within NewZapp 9.0 you can quickly find any group or collection of groups within the contacts manager and the sending wizard.

Notifications and announcements

You will now receive internal notifications whenever an action is complete within NewZapp. E.g. notification when an upload is complete, which means that you can feel free to move on with other tasks while NewZapp processes your imports.

You will also receive announcements which will inform you of any notable changes or important information regarding NewZapp.

Profile sidebar

You will find account details, account switching, account settings and sign-out options within the profile sidebar, accessible by clicking on the profile icon in the top right.

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