Why Strategy is Key – GROW your marketing strategy

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Why Strategy is Key – GROW your marketing strategy

As with any project having a communications  strategy is key if you are to draw up successful plans and ultimately measure their success.

This whole topic can, we know, be a little daunting and occasionally overwhelming. Sometimes you just don’t know where to start or what to start with, and this can eat into your time and lead to delays in getting started. So in this article we’ll look at how the GROW model can be applied to communications strategy to help you problem solve and stay focused.

1 – Goal

A common communications strategy goal is “to achieve higher engagement and participation” from our various audiences/groups/types of recipient. Be it from an organisational, membership, community or a sales point of view. So think about adding definition to this goal to make it measurable. For instance, “In the next six months, our goal is to achieve on average a 10% increase in engagement, whilst maintaining 90% retention and at the same time increase our audience by 20%”.

2 – Reality

How far away are you from this goal right now? Historically, are your past achievements already on a par with your goal? If so then maybe your communications strategy isn’t aiming high enough! Or are any one of the three aspects of our example goal going to be particularly tough to achieve? Evaluating with honesty will help you identify whether some aspects of your goal are going to need extra resources or a complete change of approach. If plotted on a graph just how steep is the incline going to need to be?

3 – Obstacles and Options

There are going to be obstacles in the way of your communications strategy, if there aren’t then you have to ask yourself what’s stopped you reaching the goal before now? These obstacles could be either physical, organisational, or a mix of the two. For example do you have all the data/software/time at your means that make your goal happen? Are there procedures/people that are going to get in your way? Once the obstacles have been identified you can look at the options available to deal with them. Let’s not talk of being too ruthless here! But no matter how difficult the obstacles may seem at first, if you look closely enough there will be options enabling you to either solve them or find a workaround.

4 – Way Forward

This is the stage where your options are evaluated, the best ones chosen, and you convert them into action steps. Working through this process will help you to identity the best way forward.

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Our customer success team will support you in looking at the bigger picture. Email is just one tactic in your toolkit, we’ll start by working with you to look at your overall objectives and help you develop a solid communications strategy. After that we will work with you to achieve, monitor and maintain your marketing plan to meet your goals across all areas of your communications.

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