INFOGRAPHIC: How to create more engaging emails

Create more engaging emails

INFOGRAPHIC: How to create more engaging emails

We all receive emails but how many of us actually receive engaging emails?

To master the art of creating engaging emails there are many factors that need to come together at the same time. We’ve captured each of these points in the infographic below. But to summarise; for you to truly capture the attention of your target audience, you must:

  • Remember what your email communications are competing against.
  • Ensure three foundations are in place before you even start creating an email.
  • Ask yourself 13 questions every time you create an email.

For a more detailed overview of each of these points take a look at our engaging emails blog or listen back to the ‘How to make your emails more engaging’ webinar.

More engaging emails

The email software you use also plays a critical part in helping you craft engaging emails. If you would like to explore a better way to create and manage your email sends, have a look at NewZapp. Our email comms platform utilises the very latest technology to ensure you not only create attention-grabbing emails, but also have all the data and functionality you need to maximise email engagement.