Creating emails that look good on all devices


Creating emails that look good on all devices

Not everyone receiving your emails is going to be sitting in front of a monitor. More and more of your contacts are checking emails on mobile devices by preference, and not because they’re out of the office.

Do you know how your emails look on mobile?

All NewZapp accounts include the tools to check how your email looks on mobile and just how many of your contacts are opening on mobile. Its not just the content of the email, but that is important!

Here are the places to look:

Inside the email editor

The power to preview and edit your campaigns as they will appear on a mobile device before sending.

When editing an email in Create & Send look for the slider at the bottom of your editing window. This enables you to view your email from two different view points.

  • For best results, switch to Preview mode first.
  • Then click on the bottom centre icon to switch your view from desktop to mobile preview, and back again.

You don’t need fancy HTML knowledge—our design team has you covered. The templates you use for creating campaigns come fully equipped.

Font sizing, image scaling, font styles, and content stacking—all seamlessly integrated. The result? A dynamic and comfortable experience for your email recipients. They can focus on your messages without the hassle of zooming in or out for clarity.

Inside reports

Your emails have been sent, but who have they reached and how have they been viewed?

Every email you send continually creates data for you to analyse. Thanks to NewZapp device reporting you can see email trends in action on every campaign you send. Are your emails predominantly being read on desktop, mobile or tablet? In Outlook 2016, Mac Mail or one of the other many email readers that NewZapp identifies and logs for you?

View a complete breakdown of how your emails are being viewed in NewZapp Reports.

Creating segments

Your emails are sent, but how do you learn and capitalize on the ever-changing trends in your contacts’ viewing habits?

  1. Continuous Learning:

    • Monitor campaign performance and analyze data.
    • Adapt strategies based on engagement patterns.
  2. Stay Agile:

    • Be ready to adjust tactics swiftly.
    • Embrace new technologies and platforms.
  3. Audience-Centric Approach:

    • Understand your contacts’ preferences.
    • Tailor content to their evolving habits.

In this dynamic environment, staying informed and agile ensures email success.

One of NewZapp’s most potent tools lies in its ability to segment your contacts based on their past behavior. It goes beyond merely tracking whether they opened or clicked on specific emails—it delves into their device preferences.

For example: Who opened emails on mobile devices? Let’s experiment by sending a campaign at 7 am instead of 3 pm and observe if we achieve even higher engagement.

In this dynamic landscape, harnessing behavior-based segmentation empowers you to tailor your marketing efforts effectively.

Discover the transformative potential of segmentation. Dive into how segments dynamically work in your favor, streamlining processes and saving you valuable time. No more cumbersome data exports and re-imports—just efficient, targeted insights.