Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection feature…

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Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection feature…

Why you shouldn’t panic…

What is Mail Privacy Protection?

Anyone with an Apple device that has recently updated iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 may have opened their Mail app and been prompted by a Mail Privacy Protection message.

Why might this matter to me?

The good news is, if you send campaigns to iPhone or iPad recipients their overall reading experience won’t change. However, the updates behind the scenes mean that the way email OPENS are reported may not be as reliable. In some cases, email OPENS won’t be reported at all, and in some instances they may be inaccurately inflated.

Why shouldn’t I panic?

These issues are only likely to happen if the recipient receives emails in an iCloud account – that is, any email addresses that end in, or

Otherwise, the Mail app will report OPENS as normal – for instance, if the recipient receives their emails at an or address but views them in the Mail app in an iPhone.

Also, even if the actual email OPEN is not picked up, as soon as the recipient CLICKS on any link in a campaign NewZapp reports the email as OPENed too.

What should I do next?

If you have a lot of iCloud, or email addresses in your database it may be worth creating separate groups in your account for sending (you can still send to them at the same time).

This will help you keep an eye on these recipients email behaviour so you can give more emphasis on email CLICKS rather than OPENS going forward.

If you’re a sucker for more technical details, this article from Litmus has them by the wheelbarrow-load.

As ever, the NewZapp Team is on hand to answer any queries you may have on this or any other email communications-related subject.