Engaging Emails!


Engaging Emails!

How to make your emails more engaging

We’ve collated all the best practices we’ve witnessed from our clients to help you create more engaging emails.

This webinar will be suitable for anyone who creates emails for internal comms or external marketing.

If you would like to explore a better way to create and manage your email sends, have a look at NewZapp. Our email comms platform utilises the very latest technology to ensure you not only create attention-grabbing emails, but also have all the data and functionality you need to maximise email engagement.

NewZapp is a trusted email communication platform that has been delivering internal emails for over 10 years. It is widely used by organizations, including NHS Trusts, major infrastructure companies like Network Rail, and large educational bodies such as the University of Leeds. Here are some key features of NewZapp:

Internal Communications Solution:

NewZapp helps organizations improve employee engagement through effective internal communications. Whether you’re just starting your engagement journey or looking to enhance existing practices, NewZapp provides tailored solutions.

Email Platform:

Internal communications email is crucial, and NewZapp’s platform ensures that the right messages reach the right employees. With analytics to measure everything, you can optimize your communication strategy.

QR Code Campaigner:

Even hard-to-reach employees can have a voice with QR Code Campaigner. This feature ensures that everyone receives the information they need.

Employee Engagement:

NewZapp allows you to create attention-grabbing communications quickly. The intuitive software helps you engage employees effectively.


You can segment employees based on various criteria (location, job type, project, etc.). Tailoring messages to specific groups ensures relevance and interest.


NewZapp maximizes deliverability, ensuring that your internal communications reach their intended recipients.

Email Analytics:

Measure campaign performance, inform future strategies, demonstrate ROI, and report on performance.

Dedicated Support:

With NewZapp, you’re not just a number. A named dedicated account manager supports you every step of the way.

If you’re ready to explore how NewZapp can improve your internal communications, deliverability, and results, consider requesting a free demo