How to Build a Business Case

How to Build a Business Case

Internal communications has long been a cornerstone of business operations. Despite its proven benefits, competing priorities often overshadow investment in this vital area. So, how can we craft a compelling business case to secure resources for internal communications?

For those who understand its value, advocating for internal communications comes naturally. However, not everyone shares this enthusiasm. Convincing skeptics requires a strategic approach.

When it comes to presenting your business case, it’s crucial to emphasize the tangible benefits. Whether it’s increased productivity, enhanced employee engagement, or improved morale, internal communications directly impact the bottom line.

Inevitably, securing resources means demonstrating a return on investment. This guide provides actionable steps to articulate the value of internal communications effectively.

Transitioning from passion to persuasion, it’s essential to tailor your pitch to resonate with decision-makers. Highlighting success stories and industry best practices can bolster your argument.

Moreover, acknowledging potential barriers and addressing concerns proactively can strengthen your case.

Ultimately, by aligning internal communications initiatives with overarching business objectives, you can garner the support needed to drive meaningful change.

In conclusion, building a robust business case for investment in internal communications requires a blend of passion, evidence, and strategic communication. With the right approach, securing buy-in becomes not just a possibility but a probability.


The Institute of Internal Communications emphasises the transformational impact of effective internal communication on organizations across the UK. Their recent report provides valuable insights into employees’ preferences and needs, guiding companies to enhance their communication strategies.

By focusing on employee engagement and satisfaction, businesses can foster stronger connections with their workforce and drive performance. The article underscores the role of internal communication professionals in driving positive change and elevating organizational success. Through practical advice and case studies, it encourages companies to prioritize internal communication to create a thriving work environment. The insights offered in the IoIC report serve as a roadmap for organizations seeking to implement best practices and achieve excellence in internal communication.