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Constantly developed and evolved over the last 25 years, NewZapp delivers award winning internal communications email platform  for Public and Private organisations

The tools you need to communicate with everyone in your organisation

Internal communications email is used by 95% of organisations to communicate with staff.

That’s because they are extremely effective. But with so many distractions, you need your internal communications email to stand out from the crowd.

This is where we come in. Helping you deliver more engaging internal communications email backed by UK based data security and detailed email analytics.

"The NewZapp system is providing us with a greater level of understanding on what staff are reading. This is helping us to create more engaging and valuable content on subjects they want to hear about."

Andrew Manning

Communications Manager | Network Rail

Internal Communications Email

Increase employee engagement with internal communications that make a difference

No matter where you are on your employee engagement journey, we have the internal communications solution for you.

Internal communications email is used by 95% of organisations to communicate with staff. Deliver the right internal communications to the right employees with analytics that measure everything.

QR Code Campaigner is accessible by everybody, so you can be confident that even your hardest to reach employees will have a voice and receive the information they need and want.

Internal communications email

Internal Communication Email that works

Data is power. The NewZapp email statistics show you which emails have resonated with your employees, and which haven’t. This enables you to make informed decisions that continually improve your internal communications. 

All from one easy-to-digest screen you can see open rates, clicks, social shares, unsubscribes, the time and day your email has been viewed and the device they have used to read your email. You can even see the performance of your email in real-time and the parts of your email that have captured the most attention

Create beautiful emails with ease

Our first-class email editor combines extensive features with an intuitive user experience. 

We will help you create a branded template for your emails and then you can craft beautiful internal communications email with ease. 

You have control over each section enabling you to make tweaks to meet your needs and the brilliant features mean you can include everything from a video to a countdown timer in your emails.

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Internal Communications Email

Manage your data effectively

An internal communications email will only be effective if it is relevant to each of your recipients. 

Within NewZapp you can either segment your data manually or use the intelligent segmentation option to automatically group employees based on your custom fields. This means that every time new data comes into NewZapp, the individuals are automatically pushed through to the right segment. 

With this control over your employee data, you can ensure your internal communications are relevant all the time.  

Why our customers stay customers

Our customers are loyal. 75% have been with us for over 5 years. There’s a reason for this. In fact, there’s lots of reasons!

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What makes us different

20 years of expertise

We know what we’re doing. Our employee engagement app delivers exceptional results without sacrificing usability. Our features are there to be used, not to leave you wanting more.

Software you can rely on

Our internal comms software is exceptionally secure. As well as all the statutory security credentials under our belt we have ISO 27001 – the highest international information security standard.

We work with you

We want you to get the very most out of your internal communications. Your named Account Manager will always be by your side and you can utilise our resources and designers as needed.