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NewZapp has been supporting businesses with their communication needs for over two decades. We have a huge library of blogs, webinars and guides to help maximise your internal communications and employee engagement.

Turn Passives into Promotors

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The Power of Clarity in Internal Communications

In the fast-paced world of internal communications, clarity is the unsung hero that can make or break your message. When your team or organization depends on smooth, effective communication, ensuring that your emails are clear and concise is crucial.

Local Government email analytics report

Local Government Email Analytics Report – 2024

The NewZapp 2024 Local Government Email Analytics Report provides invaluable insights for internal communications leaders within Local Government bodies. Drawing upon data comprising over 14,000 anonymised campaigns This report offers a detailed analysis of effectiveness within the specific context of

Email Security Authentication Protocols

The Evolution of Email Security: Navigating Changes in 2024

Enhanced Security Measures In response to the ever-evolving threat landscape, Gmail and Yahoo have announced major changes to their email security  systems. One of the pivotal advancements is the implementation of stringent security protocols to combat spam, phishing, and other