Segmenting your contacts is key to achieving the best open and click rates. By narrowing your focus and sending campaigns to targeted contacts, your recipients will find your campaigns more relevant, and relevant campaigns get better results.

Targeted Audiences

Create segments which are focussed on one particular section (group) of contacts, when you want to be ultra-precise about who you wish to target.

Alternatively for a re-engagement exercise your segment could be set to look across your entire database.

Perfectly targeted segmentation, always up to date
Dynamic database filters

Dynamic Filters

The beauty of filters when making a segment is their dynamic element. A filter detecting who has clicked an email sent yesterday, will see fluctuations by the minute!

At the point you’re ready to send a follow up email, your audience is ready to go – no exporting or re-importing of data required.

Behavioural Data

The most exciting part of segments is including the behavioural aspect. It’s the behaviour of your contacts which gives you the most power, to target and time your approach.

Did they or didn’t they…. open, click or share on social media... on desktop, mobile or tablet... any email or a particular campaign... during a specific time period, or ever!.

dynamic personalisation with NewZapp
Powerful email database filtering


Put two or more filters together for the most strategic of pin point marketing. Piece together the filters which give you the exact knowledge you need.

Data Mining

Add extra power to your data exports using segmentation tools. The range of dynamic filter options allow you to mine all sorts of key data that you can use off-site for your own analysis or to provide data to other teams in your organisation.

export any filtered list
segments automatically track contact volumes

Automated Lists

As time goes on, your Segments will automatically adjust to your changing volume of contacts.

This saves you having to create a new list every time you want to email a specific Segment and keeps the list fresh and up to date in real time.

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