All you need to know about spam filters

As email communicators, spam filters and email bots are our arch nemesis. They skew our data and generally just get in our way!

Modern bots and spam filters are very powerful. In this webinar we will explain exactly how the bots and spam filters of 2022 work. We will also provide guidance on how you can avoid the dreaded spam folder.

Engaging Emails!

How to make your emails more engaging!

We've collated all the best practices we've witnessed from our clients to help you create more engaging emails.

This webinar will be suitable for anyone who creates emails for internal comms or external marketing.

Second Filter

What exactly is the second filter and why does it affect email communication?

Mobiles are powerful tools, but they can seriously damage your open and click rate if the subject line is not correct.

NewZapp 8 Onboarding

NewZapp 8 brings a plethora of new features and functions to create outstanding emails to send to all your contacts, whether internal or external.

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Employee App

VRAMP is an all-in-one internal communication tool and employee engagement system that benefits everyone.

VRAMP provides your employees with the two-way communication channels they need to share their opinion and feel involved.

VRAMP Employee Engagement

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