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Email is used by 95% of organisations to communicate with staff. But its popularity is also its downfall because internal comms emails have to compete against hundreds of other emails in your employee’s inbox.

NewZapp makes internal email communications quick, effective, and measurable.

Create beautiful emails with ease

Our first-class email editor combines extensive features with an intuitive user experience.

We will help you create a branded template for your emails and then you can craft beautiful emails with ease.

You have control over each section enabling you to make tweaks to meet your needs and the brilliant features mean you can include everything from a video to a countdown timer in your emails.

Getting Started with our Drag and Drop editor
Know what works

Know what works

Data is power. The NewZapp email statistics show you which emails have resonated with your employees, and which haven’t. This enables you to make informed decisions that continually improve your internal communications.

All from one easy-to-digest screen you can see open rates, clicks, social shares, unsubscribes, the time and day your email has been viewed and the device they have used to read your email. You can even see the performance of your email in real-time and the parts of your email that have captured the most attention.

Manage your data effectively

An email will only be effective if it is relevant to each of your recipients.

Within NewZapp you can either segment your data manually or use the intelligent segmentation option to automatically group employees based on your custom fields. This means that every time new data comes into NewZapp, the individuals are automatically pushed through to the right segment.

With this control over your employee data, you can ensure your internal communications are relevant all the time.

Manage your data effectively
Automate key messages

Automate key messages

As an internal communicator you are spinning a lot of plates. NewZapp Automation buys back some of this precious time by automating specific emails.

Whether a welcome email for a new starter or a congratulatory email for a work anniversary, you can automatically send emails when these milestones occur.

You can also build campaigns based on employee activity. For example, if someone clicked a specific link in email 1, that can automatically trigger the sending of email 2.

This level of automation means you can get NewZapp to do a lot of the work for you!

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Deliverability is often not considered until the moment you need to send an urgent communication… or when an email doesn’t get through.

Did you know that Outlook restricts email sends to 30 per minute? If you have 5,000 employees, that will take nearly three hours to reach everyone. In contrast, NewZapp will send 5,000 emails in 15 minutes.

In addition to ensuring your internal comms reach everyone quickly, NewZapp also employs various tactics to help ensure you emails reach each employee. These include only using servers with good reputations, dedicated IPs, span filtering and help setting up email authentication.

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