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A dispersed workforce makes employee engagement challenging. VRAMP by NewZapp removes this challenge.

VRAMP transforms your existing internal communications into a two-way communication channel that reaches everyone. Accessible via desktop or mobile app, your employees will have a greater connection to the information and people they need to work more contentedly. Feedback options and detailed analytics mean you constantly have an understanding of employee sentiment so that you can continually improve the employee experience.

Find out how VRAMP can transform your employee engagement


Send engaging internal communications quickly

Our very intuitive Content Creator enables you to create visually appealing communications that your employees want to engage with.

You can include videos, images, links or documents and the drag ‘n’ drop functionality makes it super easy to build your message.

VRAMP also provides the added perk that if you spot a mistake after sending the message, you can amend it in real-time!

Engaging Comms
Send engaging internal communications quickly
Know your employees and your employee engagement rate

Know your employees and your employee engagement rate

To effectively engage your employees, you must first understand them. VRAMP encourages two-way communication through comments and surveys and all of this feedback is gathered and analysed on your behalf.

Through VRAMP’s analytics you can see what teams are engaged and which aren’t. This means you can quickly react to disengagement, recruit advocates, and accurately report on employee engagement.

Employee Analytics

Use surveys to learn more

VRAMP includes a bespoke survey feature which enables you to create a survey to your own requirements. Whether an automated eNPS survey, a quick-fire pulse survey or a more detailed annual staff satisfaction survey – whatever you need, VRAMP can do it.

With this functionality built into your employee communication platform you not only reduce the number of systems you need, but you also benefit from all your data being in one place.

Employee Surveys
Use surveys to learn more
Keep your communications relevant

Keep your communications relevant

For you to truly engage your employees you need to ensure they receive information that is relevant and of interest.

Our segmentation options enable you to group your employees in multiple ways. Whether by team, geographical location, or by project group – you can segment your employees in a way that is right for your organisation.

This flexible approach to segmentation means your messages will only go to the employees they are relevant for.

Powerful Segmentation

Encourage collaborative working

As well as connecting your employees with information, VRAMP also brings your people together.

Each person has a profile which is part of an employee directory. This directory can provide contact details and even core skills. With a quick search in the employee directory, an employee will know the colleagues who can best support them with their task or query.

As an admin user you can also see all the skills across your organisation which shows your team’s strengths whilst also highlighting any gaps.

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Encourage collaborative working

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