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89% of marketers use email as a primary marketing channel. And rightfully so, email can be a very cost-effective method for generating new business and connecting with customers. But email will only be a successful channel if those emails reliably reach, and then engage, the recipient.

NewZapp is an intuitive and highly effective email marketing platform that will help you get noticed.

Fight through the noise with attention grabbing emails

Our first-class email editor combines extensive features with an intuitive user experience. This perfect balance gives you everything you need to create eye catching emails.

We will help you create a branded template from which you can craft beautiful emails with ease.

You have control over each section enabling you to make tweaks to meet your needs and the brilliant features mean you can include everything from a video to a countdown timer in your emails.

Email Editor
Fight through the noise with attention grabbing emails
Learn from every email

Learn from every email

Data is the foundation of confident decisions. NewZapp provides valuable data that drills into the effectiveness of each email so that you can make continual improvements to your marketing strategy.

All from one easy-to-digest screen you can see open rates, clicks, social shares, unsubscribes, the time and day your email has been viewed and the device used to read your email. You can even see the performance of your email in real-time and the parts of your email that have captured the most attention.

Vital Analytics

Email the right people

Relevancy is essential in a successful email campaign. NewZapp gives you control over your marketing data.

Our easy-to-use segmentation tools ensure you only send emails to the people they will resonate with.

You can either segment your data manually our use the intelligent segmentation option to automatically group people based on your custom fields. This means that every time new data comes into NewZapp, the individuals are automatically pushed through to the right segment.

Email the right people
Automate your campaigns

Automate your campaigns

There are a lot of balls to juggle in marketing. NewZapp juggles some of these balls for you by automating your email campaigns.

Whether a series of prospect nurturing emails or a customer welcome message, you can set up workflows that automatically send emails based on set triggers.

This level of automation means the more your contacts engage with your emails, the more effective your marketing campaigns can become – it’s a constant cycle of improvement.

Email Automation

Ensure your emails are delivered

Deliverability is often not considered until the moment you realise your emails aren’t getting through!

At NewZapp we place extremely high importance on deliverability. We only use UK based white-listed servers and we help build your templates in a way that meets spam compliance.

We also ensure you have the correct authentication set up at the outset, provide dedicated IPs and constantly monitor over 100 spam filtering organisations for evidence of any IP blacklisting.

With all this happening in the background and an in-built spam checker for you to use with every email you send, you can rest assured that you have the best deliverability services possible with NewZapp.

Ensure your emails are delivered

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