Secure & Compliant

Data security is at the heart of NewZapp Communications

Sophisticated data breaches are more and more common. NewZapp vastly reduces threats through strong data encryption. The main security risks are triggered by unauthorised internal access and weak passwords. Our customers receive data security assurances including training on how to send, share and store data safely.

Our Security Mission

"To respect your data's confidentiality, to ensure the safe storage of your data and to adhere to all of the very latest regulations relating to its protection."

Full encryption

The only time a data breach happens is when data is not fully encrypted. We use highly secure, industrial standard encryption to protect all data in transit between our servers and the user. All tracked and identifiable data between sender and recipient is also encrypted.

Industrial-strength encrytion for ultimate data protection.
Our data backups and redundancy strategy ensures uninterrupted service.

Keeping your data secure

Even with proper encryption, data is vulnerable to hardware issues. Hard disks sometimes just fail. We have a robust data backup and redundancy strategy so in the rare event of hardware faults or system failure, you will not notice any interruption in service.

Full GDPR & DPA protection

The GDPR explained.

The GDPR explained

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) strengthens and unifies data protection for everyone in the European Union. The GDPR aims to give control of their data back to citizens and residents.

Ensuring full data compliance.

Achieving compliance

We help Human Resources ensure employment contracts and IT policies are in full alignment with GDPR and the Data Protection Act.

Our Data Protection Officer will keep you up-to-date.

Staying updated

Our expert Data Protection Officer can advise you about your obligations to the GDPR and other data protection laws. If you’d like to know more about how we review your GDPR compliance we’re more than happy to chat.

Your data is your data

Data stored overseas can be hijacked and used for unlawful or unethical purposes. NewZapp is based in the UK where we store all data in our secure and isolated servers. Your data is protected from third parties and will never leave the UK.

Your data is protected here in the UK.
Data controller, data subject or data processor?

Who are data controller, data subject and data processor?

These terms are defined in the GDPR. You are the data controller. Your email contacts are the data subjects. NewZapp Communications is the data processor. We process and protect your data and your subject data. This means that we send your emails to your subscribers and keep the information secure.

Streamlining your communications

Organisations often suffer from having inadequate technology or too many communications channels that use up more time than they save. NewZapp brings together all the tools you need to excel in a single, coherent platform.

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