Secure & Compliant

Data protection is at the heart of NewZapp Communications

NewZapp takes the security of your data extremely seriously. We are an ISO 27001 certified company who store your data in secure UK based servers. Your data is protected from third parties and will never leave the UK.

With no data breaches since our inception over 20 years ago. We are very proud to continue providing a service our customers can trust.

Our Security Mission

"To respect your data's confidentiality, to ensure the safe storage of your data and to adhere to all of the very latest regulations relating to its protection."

Security you can rely on

NewZapp takes the security of your data extremely seriously. In addition to complying with any requests from your data protection team we also maintain the following standards:

  • Secure UK-based servers that are monitored 24/7
  • ISO 27001: 2017 certification
  • UK GDPR & EU GDPR compliant
  • Cyber Essentials certification
  • UK Data Protection Act compliant
  • Regular independent security audits
Industrial-strength encryption for ultimate data protection.
Your data is protected here in the UK.

Keeping your data secure

Data stored overseas can be vulnerable to hacking and used against your wishes.

The responsibility will fall on you, not the provider you are using if they are outside the remit of the UK data protection act.

NewZapp is based in the UK where we store all your data securely on 24/7 monitored servers. Your data is protected from third parties and will never leave the UK.

Will our data be safe with NewZapp Communications?

The GDPR explained.

ISO 27001 certification

ISO 27001 is an international standard on how to manage information security – it is extremely difficult to obtain this level of certification and something we are immensely proud of. It means that as an organisation we have gone significantly above what is mandated by the UK Data Protection Act, GDPR and Cyber Essentials.

Ensuring full data compliance.

100% UK Based

Our servers (a secure facility in Leeds) and support teams (sunny Exeter!) are solely based in the United Kingdom. Using U.S based providers such as Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor cannot offer you the same levels of protection as NewZapp.

Our Data Protection Officer will keep you up-to-date.

Cyber Essentials certified

Cyber Essentials is a government backed scheme that ensures we have good practice in information security. Certification gives you peace of mind that your data will be protected against the vast majority of common cyber-attacks.

Data Protection Impact Assessment

NewZapp Communications is an approved and registered supplier for the G-Cloud Framework as a Cloud Software Service within the Digital Marketplace. As such we perform a regular D.P.I.A to ensure our systems and methods are current and compliant.
To request a copy of our latest assessment please follow the link below.

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