Total Accountability

Take control of your account activity to ensure a level of accountability, transparency and confidentiality for your email communication.

Safety Lockout

NewZapp is session based for data security, when a user logs in and out they signal the start and end of this session respectively. When two or more people are logged in to an account at the same time the active session can be disrupted.

With the safety lockout feature, once a user logs in, no other logins with that username and password will be permitted until they have successfully logged out, protecting the user’s active session.

Safety lockout with NewZapp
Multiple users with NewZapp

Multi User

Oversee individual user activity by upgrading to a multi user licence. Keep track of all user activity whilst reducing the risk of a security breach.

This provides opportunities for campaign collaboration, improved data management, and supports ISO 27001 whilst aiding with aspects of the GDPR Security Principle.


Audit Trail

Audit Trail provides users with accountability and ownership of key actions by means of a permanent log. Tools include the facility to search actions by date, user or by section. All this valuable data can be also exported for further analysis.

When combined with Multi User, this security trail gives you visibility of all actions down to a user level.

Audit trail with NewZapp
Permissions and roles with NewZapp

Permissions & Roles

Coming soon - a new area of user management which will provide accounts with the ability to lock down areas of access to certain users.

This will provide teams with the ability to set and define user roles from inside their account. A multi user licence is required.

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