What sets email apart from more traditional marketing channels is the ability to track. Seeing how many people opened and clicked on your email. Once your emails have been sent you can then review their performance with our real time reporting.

Hotspot Overlay

Our hotspot overlay shows you which areas of your email have been clicked on the most.

See instantly who the biggest openers are. Who’s clicking what the most. If the email’s trending on social media and how many visits your site is getting.

Our hotspot overlay shows you which areas of your email have been clicked on the most.
Email tracking by the numbers

Data Statistics

Crunching the numbers. We give you instant control over every element of your campaign and the facility to export that data into Microsoft Excel for further distribution and analysis.

Timeframe Graph

Knowing when to send your email campaigns can be as important as what you send. Our timeframe graphs show you the exact point when your campaign was performing at its best.

This area can also be used for A/B split testing.

See the exact point where your campaign was peaking.
what device is your contact using

Client Inbox

Your contact isn't stuck on a desktop anymore from 9am to 5pm and neither is your email campaign. See what device and email client your contacts are using. Are they mobile or tablet readers? Now you'll know for sure.

Social Media

What is the engagement reach of your email marketing campaign? You send it, they Tweet it, your email is read by a whole new audience. We will show you who is spreading the word about your business.

Expanding the reach of your emails
Generate a full managers report PDF in seconds

Managers Report

Upload your company logo for the coversheet and select which components are added to the report for a professionally branded look and feel to your marketing meetings.

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