Email Deliverability

Most companies don’t think about deliverability until they have a problem and yet it's one of the most important factors in email marketing. If your emails don't reach your contacts then all the time and effort spent on content, design and strategy could be wasted.

Sending Servers

NewZapp delivers via UK based globally white-listed servers, getting your emails into your target inboxes.

By keeping a close eye on server reputations it can be ensured that your emails have the best chance of being delivered. NewZapp automatically structures your email's HTML in a way that is easily delivered and we test your email template design for SPAM compliance when we design it.

UK based globally white-listed servers
Get your SPF records in place


Often overlooked, a very important part of email marketing is the correct authentication. NewZapp users are all offered assistance in setting up the primary email authentication channels. This helps emails avoid spam filters by giving NewZapp permission to send emails on behalf of your domain, via your own "from" address.

Because sending on your main domain might not be the best option for you, NewZapp can also arrange the purchase and management of a new dedicated domain for your emails.

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Dedicated IPs and warmup

Dedicated IPs

To protect its customers, NewZapp uses hundreds of highly monitored IP addresses. These are grouped into a league table system and customers are assigned a group based on their levels of bounces and spam complaints.

In essence, good clean senders with low bounces climb the league table and take advantage of our best performing IP addresses.

Spam Filtering

The NewZapp technical team constantly monitor over 100 spam filtering organisations for evidence of any IP blacklisting. They also work with ISP feedback loops like Hotmail to identify when customers' emails are been marked as junk.

monitoring spam filters 24/7
If it looks like spam - it will get treated like spam

Good Content

Sending quality email content to your contacts is the basis of a great sending & brand reputation. Your emails need to be properly formatted as poorly coded HTML emails won’t render properly on all devices, and can get caught in filters.

Use NewZapp's Spam Check to run your email through its paces. Check its spam score and deliverability before sending, helping you get the right content balance and ensure excellent delivery rates.

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See all the features of NewZapp. Full features list

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