Contact Management

Our contact management section has all the tools you need to get the most out of your email communications. Database filtering, contact history, GDPR compliance trails, custom data input and one-click suppression are just a handful.

Express Import

One of the quickest data entry systems available today. Upload .csv, .xls and .xlsx file types in minutes, with a report available upon completion for you to review the results.

NewZapp’s Express Import processes all of your data safely & securely in-line with current G.D.P.R and UK Data Protection guidelines.

the quickest data import system on the market
Powerful email database filtering


With NewZapp’s multi-option filter tags, search your contacts for one or more pieces of data at a time. For example, how many of your contacts work for the same national company, are based in Essex, and have “Manager” in their job title?

Your filtered results can be copied into a new group, exported for use in another app, removed from your account, or just suppressed temporarily from receiving your next email. Decisions, decisions!

Contact History

Each contact has their own information card. This holds everything you know about a contact since being added to your NewZapp account.

See all their details, what group(s) they are member of, which segments they appear in, their entire send history and an audit trail of consent. Additional options on the card give you control to suppress, remove or unsubscribe this individual contact from your account.

unique contact history
dynamic personalisation with NewZapp

Custom Tags

Every one of your contacts is unique. As well as the basic stuff you want to store about each contact, you will have fields of data unique to your organisation.

NewZapp encourages you to define this individuality by allowing you to add custom tags of data as you import contacts into your account. Use these tags when filtering and segmenting for ultimate targeting.


Creating segments brings another dimension to the power of filters, by adding behaviour to the mix. Send a follow up email to everyone who opened you last campaign, or a re-engagement campaign to anyone who hasn’t opened an email for 3 months.

By narrowing your focus and sending campaigns to targeted contacts, your recipients will find your campaigns more relevant, and relevant campaigns get better results.

Perfectly targeted segmentation, always up to date
email list suppression

Email Suppression

Got a particular contact, or a set of contacts that you don’t want to receive a certain campaign? Suppression is an ideal means to temporarily exclude anyone from being sent an email campaign from your account.

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