Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation works on a trigger or action basis, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Welcome Emails & targeted campaigns, you can create Automations that engage customers during their entire journey with you.

Welcome Emails

It’s so important to make a good first impression. Your welcome email should be actionable, informative and clear. Get it right and your conversion rates will soar.

Automated welcome emails are one of the most important tools in your email marketing toolbox
The ultimate in personalised target email marketing

Birthday Series

Birthday emails have 179% higher unique click rate than standard emails making them one of the most effective campaigns you can send.

You may not know their birthday, but you will know the date they became your customer, why not celebrate that!

Triggered emails are sent automatically based on the actions of your contact.

Triggered Sending

These emails are sent based on the activity of your contact. If they click any link in one email, they are sent a triggered email relating to that content.

Building a flow chart of email campaigns based on the actions of the contact.

Improve Engagement

Automation gives you the power to work smarter not harder by following up instantly on any click or open activity.

Your Automations ensure contacts are always engaged by receiving content they respond to.

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