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Creating and retaining student and staff engagement

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University of Leeds

The University of Leeds is one of the leading Russell Group Universities, it has over 38,000 students, 9,000 staff and over 270,000 alumni across hundreds of countries and at home in Leeds in the UK.


The University of Leeds needed a platform to communicate to all students, staff, volunteers, alumni and researchers across the world.

They needed a system that was accessible 24 hours a day - 7 days a week from different locations, which allowed collaboration across teams and departments to create professionally branded communications which ensured that the Universities brand and reputation was protected.

The University required an organisation that was familiar with corporate and educational governance; an organisation that held the appropriate certifications and standards that comply with UK laws and legislations for Data Protection and Data Processing.


The University of Leeds chose NewZapp as their recommended supplier for Internal and External Communications messages due to the ability to create, collaborate and disseminate branded communications across the student and staff networks.

The NewZapp technical team work closely with IT departments to ensure that emails are delivered to every inbox, use the organisations own from address for sender verification and brand awareness to protect and increase the deliverability of all emails sent.

Each account has a Dedicated Account Manager who provides full onboarding, system support and CPD certified training advice, communication strategy discussions about how email fits into with the wider digital marketing function and best practice advice that is bespoke to each organisations marketing goals. No user or account is left to cope on their own, NewZapp provides more than just software.

The contact management system within NewZapp automatically manages bounces and opt outs and ensures the highest level of deliverability through UK based sending servers. The system provides unique usernames and passwords to protect data subjects with a full audit trail for data controllers and communication managers to monitor.

NewZapp's award winning reporting tool is intuitive and provides communications teams with the ability to monitor engagement, review, adjust and action any changes to their strategy and set clear communication goals to create and retain staff and student engagement.

Better student and staff engagement for the University of Leeds.
Engagement analytics and management reporting tools.
We started with low engagement and were using Outlook for all communications. With NewZapp we now get real insight into our audiences and engagement levels keep rising.

Liz Wilmshurst - Communications Manager for the Student Lifecycle Programme

Mobile responsive template.

The University of Leeds are able to create communications quickly and effectively across teams which has led to frequent, well structured, and engaging emails to students, staff, alumni, volunteers and researcher’s information about the University and their projects.

This has meant that their engagement rates have increased which has generated a higher awareness of events, student retainment has been improved, alumni contact is maintained and staff projects and research opportunities have had more exposure across the organisation.

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