Exeter City Football Club

Tracking performance to refine supporter communications

Package: External Communications

Industry: Sports and Leisure

Website: exetercityfc.co.uk

Email creative
Engagement analytics
Management reporting

Exeter City Football Club

Exeter City Football Club are our local team and we're thrilled they are part of our line up!


We were using a system that had the capacity send emails, but wasn’t fully customisable or traceable. NewZapp are a local business to us and as a community fan owned club, we wanted to support our community. NewZapp are competitively priced, easily contactable and appreciative of our custom.


The best thing about NewZapp has got to be the Reports area. Our emails can be fully tracked and analysed, allowing the club to refine and improve its e-communications with the supporters.

Another thing is the Drag and Drop editor – it saves a lot of time!

Engagement goals.
WYSIWYG drag and drop interface.
Full managers report.
mobile engagement.
Mobile responsive templates.
The results

We’re so happy we made the decision to move away from our previous system to NewZapp – the software and the support we’ve received is fantastic.

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