DestiNet Limited (NewZapp's owner) started by our Managing Director in a one bedroom flat whilst he was still a student at the University of Plymouth.

Microsoft releases Windows 98, Apple unveils the iMac and Larry Page & Sergey Brin found Google.


DestiNet moves to Exeter after a year of fantastic growth delivering web solutions and now employing a team of seven.

MySpace created, Bluetooth announced and the Millennium Bug is a thing.


DestiNet launches EditSite, a web based content management system.

Mobile phone usage grows, the DotCom bubble bursts and Sony releases the Playstation 2.


DestiNet launches NewZapp, a full email marketing package that doesn’t require any technical knowledge to send email newsletters. DestiNet moves to a larger office yet again at Oak House in Exeter.

Jimmy Wales & Larry Sanger launch Wikipedia, Microsoft releases Windows XP and Apple launches the iPod.


First branded NewZapp email template created. PowerLounge born: a new home for EditSite & NewZapp to work side by side in one application for the first time. NewZapp users now include London Irish, Saracens, Exeter Chiefs, Nationwide Access, Northstar and IDN Telecommunications.


NewZapp 2.0 launched with all new upgraded UI and features. DestiNet moves offices again just down the road to Forde House.


A new product is added to the PowerLounge suite, called OnCourse. A complete set of tools for education providers to add and edit courses, academic areas, qualifications, departments as well as on-demand printing, publishing of details online and online enrolment.

2004 continued

NewZapp version 3 launched: The first email marketing system to include real-time tracking of emails. NewZapp provide a full Christmas eCard service free, helping all customers be a little bit greener.

Microsoft XP SP2 released: Outlook Express now displays all HTML emails without the images by default. Facebook launched.


NewZapp launches a full set of mail marketing courses.

Video-sharing website YouTube founded.


NewZapp achieved sales growth of over 200% as UK businesses increasingly switched from US to UK Email Service Providers (ESPs). NewZapp version 3.5 released with vastly improved import speeds for contact data.

Twitter launched and Google purchases YouTube for $1.65 billion.


NewZapp version 4 launched: Improvements to Opened/Clicked reporting. We move offices again... next door to Bradley House.

Apple launches the iPhone and archaeologists find a 2,100 year old melon in western Japan.


NewZapp launches an Outlook email signature design service launched. DestiNet celebrates its 10 year anniversary.


NewZapp version 4.6 launched: Google Analytics integration, Spam Checker, Welcome/Double Opt-in emails (GDPR compliant even back in 2009!) and lots of other cool new features. NewZapp provides a Twitter profile design service for customers.

Microsoft Bing and Yahoo! combine search technology to attempt to break Google's monopoly.


More than 80% of the UK population (50 million people) now have internet access.


NewZapp Version 5 released. The biggest release to date includes: A brand new tool bar for the Create & Send editor with ‘Save As’ for email creation, a table maker, the ability to remove Word formatting from content, folder management for images, an image editor and a brand new ‘Social’ tab to enable social sharing of email campaigns. Alongside these updates was the addition of an HTML uploader.


Royal Mail choose NewZapp as their ‘Simple Ways to Grow’ email marketing partner. NewZapp YouTube channel launches.

Microsoft releases Windows 8, optimised for tablets and touch screens. Conclusion of the Mayan calendar comes and goes without the end of the world.


NewZapp version 5.2.2: Mobile responsive templates & email editor. NewZapp LIVE! goes live. The first real time reporting on the market. Includes ‘Right Now’ stats, campaign Hotspots, Email readers & devices, Social activity, Google Analytics integration and printable Manager Reports.

Twitter launches micro-video application Vine.


Google Glass "optical head-mounted display" launched.


NewZapp version 6: Drag and Drop email editing for total flexibility. We also made a free CTA button pack for all our customers and Darren ran the London Marathon for charity.

Apple Watch launched. Windows 10 released.


NewZapp Contact Management area completely overhauled and dynamic Segments introduced along with advanced data filtering.


NewZapp releases Automation allowing for powerful dynamic email campaigns.

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